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Be Ready: Eat Healthy
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Energy Balance Pre-K

Energy Balance Pre-K is a custom program designed to teach children the skills they need to develop healthy habits with eating and physical activity. The program is aligned with Head Start, Wic, Snap-Ed and NAEYC national education standards. Learn more. Also available in Spanish.

MyPlate Toolkit Now Live!

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· This toolkit was developed with content experts from the Public Health/Community Nutrition (PHCN) DPG and was made possible through an educational grant from Dannon. The toolkit contains six total presentations.

· There are two presentations for Health Professionals (one for Health Professionals of 2-5 year olds and one for Health Professionals of 1st-5th graders),equipping health professionals to help parents become familiar with MyPlate and how to teach MyPlate to parents using practical suggestions. Ideas for health professional audience include WIC paraprofessionals, Head Start parent liaisons, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, health department nurses, medical or nursing students, etc.

· The toolkit also contains four presentations for Parents (one for parents of 2-5 year olds and one for parents of 1st-5th graders—both available in English and Spanish), to help parents understand the importance of each food group and provide them with relevant tips to help children consume the right amounts of all food groups. Tip: Ideas for parent audience include WIC parents, Head Start parents, PTA parents, etc.


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